M&A Sell-side

Make the sale of your company a real success.

The sale of a company is an exceptional event that needs to be carefully managed

Valexcel provides the selling shareholders with an experienced, multidisciplinary team to help them successfully navigate all the steps involved in the sale and transfer of the company.

Our focus :

  • The true motivations for selling the company
  • Ranking success criteria for the proposed sale (e.g. price? company longevity? fiscal optimisation?, etc.)
  • The history of the entrepreneur and the company
  • What defines the company and its culture
  • The company’s strengths and weaknesses moving forward

Our work programme :

  • Detailed analysis of the company within its ecosystem
  • Setting a target price and drafting a list of arguments to justify this price
  • Producing the most objective presentation document
  • Profiling and making contact with potential buyers
  • Negotiations and monitoring the transaction until it is signed

Valexcel works directly with counterparties, using its partner network in France and abroad and the company’s regular advisers to maximise the proposed transaction’s chances of success.

We invite you to schedule a preliminary face-to-face meeting to discuss your proposed sale.

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M&A Sell-side