Individual business buyers

Buying a company, developing it and making it successful

Buying a company is an exciting opportunity

Since 2005, the name Valexcel MBI has been a reference for the overall support of individual business buyers.

Our focus:

  • The buyer and his or her personal history,
  • His education and career,
  • His skill set and desires,
  • His family, financial, geographic and other constraints,
  • His entrepreneurial project.

Our work programme:

  • Getting to know the buyer
  • Profiling and search for targets in line with the buyer’s needs
  • Preparing the buyer to meet and negotiate with the seller
  • Optimisation of the strategic and financial buy-in project (assessment, financial engineering, business plan, etc.)
  • Implementation: fund raising and assisting in negotiations until the transaction is signed

Valexcel works closely with individual buyers of all nationalities seeking to acquire a company in France.
Our knowledge of the hidden market is an additional advantage for accelerating and implementing the proposed purchase.


Management Buy In
Buying a company, usually financed via loans,
with one or more outside managers joining the company

We invite you to schedule a preliminary face-to-face meeting to speed up your buy-in project.

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